The ABC’s of Avonlea

ABCs of Road to Avonlea

Page from a Victorian ABCs book, but it reminded me of the children in Road to Avonlea. Image Credit: The Graphics Fairy

ABCs of Avonlea

A is for Avonlea, the dearest spot on earth.
B is for Booth, the minister’s son.
C is for Corset, which Davey tied on the pig.
D is for Digger, the King Family’s dog.
E is for Eulalie Bugle, what will she say next?
F is for Fizzy or Fussy take your pick.
G is for Gus Pike, who lives at the light house.
H is for Hetty King, the clan matriarch.
I is for Izzy Pettibone, who socked Felix in the nose.
J is for Jasper Dale, the inventor.
K is for King, the best family in Avonlea.
L is for Lawson’s General Store, the place to shop.
M is for Muriel Stacy’s motorcar, in which the minster’s wife took a spin.
N is for Never, kiss by the garden gate, love may be blind; but the neighbor’s ain’t.
O is for Olivia, the sweetest of all the aunts.
P is for Pettibone, the school teacher’s family.
Q is for Queen’s Collage, which so many Avonlea-ers have attended.
R is for Rachel Lynde, the noisest gossip on earth.
S is for Sea, which is in Cap’ain Crane’s blood.
T is for Teachers, like Miss King, Miss Stacey, and Mr. Pettibone.
U is for Umber, the color found in Avonlea’s sunsets.
V is for Very interesting gossip.
W is for Witch, whose name is Peg Bowen.
X is for Xrays and things Felicity learned at medical school.
Y is for Yours Forever, how all Avonlea romances end.
Z is for Zachary Bennett, better known as Felix King.

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