Anne of Green Gables Movie Quotes

Anne of Green Gables Movie Quotes

Anne of Green Gables Movie Quotes


Below are some of my favorite quotes from the movie Anne of Green Gables.

Josie Pye: “Hey, Anne. How do you spell freckles?”
Diana Barry: “Hey, Josie. How do you spell ugly?”

Gilbert Blythe: “Hey, Carrots!”

Marilla Cuthbert: “This is a fine kettle of fish!”

Anne Shirley: “C-h-r-y-s-a-n-t-h-e-m-u-m.”

Anne Shirley: “Could you please call me Cordelia?”

Anne Shirley: “You don’t want me because I’m not a boy?”

Anne Shirley: “A-n-n looks absolutely dreadful; but Anne-with-an-e is quite distinguished.”

Anne Shirley: “I’m in the depths of despair.”
Marilla Cuthbert: “To despair is to turn your back on God.”

Rachel Lynde: “Lawful Heart! Her hair is as red as carrots!”

Anne Shirley: “A bosom friend, a really Kindred Spirit.”

Matthew Cuthbert: “Well you’re our girl now, and the prettiest one this side of Halifax.”

Diana Barry: “Anne you’ve got more nerve than a fox in a hen house.”

Rachel Lynde: “Cordial, my foot! That girl smells like Jake Griffeth’s distillery.”

Anne Shirley: “Wilt thou please give me a lock of your jet black tresses?”
Diana Barry: “But I don’t have any jet black dresses.”

Anne Shirley: “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”

Anne Shirley: “Well, I suppose it is a romantic way to perish, for a mouse.”


Anne of Green Gables Movie Quotes

Marilla Cuthbert: “Twenty pounds of brown sugar.”

Gilbert Blythe: “Anne Shirley, what the heck are you doing?”
Anne Shirley: “Fishing for lake trout.”

Anne Shirley: “No matter where I go or how I change, I’ll always be your Anne. Anne of Green Gables.”

Miss Stacey: “The truth will set you free.”

Matthew Cuthbert: “Mrs. Spencer made a lucky mistake, I guess.”
Marilla Cuthbert: “It wasn’t luck, it was providence. He knew we needed her.”

Matthew Cuthbert: “I love my little girl. I’m so proud of my little girl.”

Marilla Cuthbert: “Stuff of nonsence!”

Anne Shirley: “Aren’t you worried I’m liable to break another slate over your head?”
Gilbert Blythe: “I’m more worried I might break one over yours, Carrots.”

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