Anne of Green Gables The Sequel Quotes

Anne of Green Gables The Sequel Quotes

Anne of Green Gables The Sequel Quotes

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the movie Anne of Green Gables The Sequel, also called Anne of Avonlea.

Anne Shirley: “He fervently stroked her alabaster brow, and she fell under his cloak of darkness.”

Gilbert Blythe: “Cheaters never prosper, Anne Shirley!”

Gilbert Blythe: “Don’t get up on your high horse with me, Anne Shirley.”

Gilbert Blythe: “Attention, Avonlea public school teacher soon to be famous Canadian author.”
Anne Shirley: “Shut up you fool, it hasn’t happened yet!”

Rachel Lynde: “Well, it has. Patience has ceased to be a virtue. I want this rumpus stopped right now!”

Rachel Lynde: “Well, Marilla I hope that canal horse destroys your tomato patch next.”
Marilla Cuthbert: “Oh, good Lord!”

Anne Shirley: “I can’t help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It’s as glorious as soaring through a sunset. It almost pays for the thud.”

Anne Shirley: “Well, I wouldn’t marry anyone who was really wicked; but I think I’d like it if he could be wicked and wouldn’t.”

Anne Shirley: “Great Jehoshaphat!”

Diana Barry: “The honor of being the best friend of the prize winner is enough for me.”

Gilbert Blythe: “The elegant and illustrious Miss Shirley. Relaxed while, uh, seeking out ideas for her next Rolling Reliable, I presume?”
Anne Shirley: “Well, do you suppose I’m here to chat with the bull frogs?”

Gilbert Blythe: “Maybe if you just let your characters speak everyday English, instead of all that highfalutin mumbo-jumbo.”

Anne Shirley: “I’m not your horse, Mr. Blythe!”

Gilbert Blythe: “Anne, look I’m sore-ey, what else can I do?”
Anne Shirley: “Let me get a word in edgewise once in a while before I pinch you!”

Anne Shirley: “Plumpuffs won’t minister to a mind diseased in a world that has crumbled to pieces.”

Rachel Lynde: “Well, Marilla you know I pride myself on speaking my mind.”

Gilbert Blythe: “Friends huh? I thought we were Kindred Spirits.”

Anne of Green Gables The Sequel Quotes

Gilbert Blythe: “You’ll marry someone who will read you Tennyson by firelight. I hope he breaks your heart whoever he is.”

Rachel Lynde: “I’d rather live at the bottom of a well than leave Avonlea.”

Mrs. Harris: “I said drenched, and I meant drenched!”

Anne Shirley: “And you can criticize every one as you pass by.”
Mrs. Harris: “Criticize? That’s a very strange idea, Miss Shirley. That is not Christian. It’s simply not Christian to criticize.”

Mrs. Harris: “I don’t eat my lunch outside. I’m not a raggle-taggle gypsy. Take me in! Take me in!”

Katherine Brooke: “I know I’m unsocial and people hate me…”

Anne Shirley: “Avonlea is the dearest place on earth.”

Katherine Brooke: “My my. Going to London to visit the king are we?”

Gilbert Blythe: “There could never be anyone for me but you.”

Anne Shirley: “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls, I just want you!”

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