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Annabelle Lee


Annabelle Lee was a neighborhood stray, who came around for cat food. After having kittens under the neighbor’s porch one time too many, they called animal control to catch her. Knowing she’d more than likely be put to sleep, I caught her first and she’s lived with us ever since.

Her kittens were taken to Kitty City; but she still had that mothering instinct, so Annabelle has adopted my dog Alec. She gives him a bath just like she did her kittens and she’ll wack him on the head if he doesn’t stand still. This has earned her the name “mama cat” and Alec the name “kitten dog”. Annabelle Lee passed away in 2018 at the age of 18.



One of my neighbors moved away and left her cat Benny behind. He hung out at my house and ate our cat food. He was such a pretty cat. I wanted to keep him but he would fight with my cats Millie and Gilligan. He didn’t like them at all.

I found him a great new home with someone who loves cats. On the day they were suppose to come pick him up, he got ran over in my street. Poor Benny. He will be missed.



Out of five cats, Elizabeth is our baby. Mom found her beside the garbage dump, at the park where she works, when Elizabeth was only 3 weeks old. She has long, silky silver hair and a big bushy tail. The vet calls her a blue cream.

She is ate up with mischief; and loves to torment my other cats. J.J.’s large busy tail fascinates her. Doesn’t she know she has one of her own? Elizabeth loves to follow him around and try to grab his tail. This cat is always doing something; usually up to no good. She has ripped our dining room wallpaper and shredded Christmas wrapping paper. Somehow, she has learned to open and close the dinning room blinds. Once she even ran over Sapphire in a box; but that is a whole other story. Things are never dull with Elizabeth around!



When my favorite cat got ran over, my boyfriend brought me a little kitten named Ferby in 2012. He looks just like a ball of fur with a large fuzzy tail. Ferby is brown with black stripes, a white neck, and white paws. Ferby is such a shy little fellow, he hides whenever company comes.

Soon after moving in, Ferby decided to live in the dollhouse. One day he just didn’t fit inside of it anymore. We bought him a “ferby house”. It looks like a carpeted dog house with a scratching post and a balcony. Ferby just loves to sit on top of the balcony and eat gold fish crackers. The Ferby house is located in front of the fish tank, so Ferbs can spend his days watching the fish swim.




I got Frances when I was in the 3rd grade. She has solid black short hair with yellow-green eyes. She has a great personality when she is by herself; but if another cat comes in the room, she gets mad and refuses to be petted. I think she wishes she were an only cat.

She is known for going in and out of the house often. Once she goes out, she has to turn around and come back in; and vice versa. She loves to stay outside and explore; but loves to come inside for fresh can food. If left inside for too long, she’ll throw a hissy fit and slap other cats or just sit by the door and howl. Like all cats, Frances enjoys cat naps in the sun, and catching birds. That just about sums up Frances.

In 2012, we noticed her hair was falling off and she had large tumors. The vet said it was cancer and Frances was put to sleep, so she wouldn’t suffer anymore.




Our cat Millie has one kitten. We call it Baby, because it is so small and I’m not sure if it is a boy or girl. Until I’m sure, I don’t know what to name it. It was born in the summer under a gardenia bush. Baby is solid gray, with large eyes.

The other day I couldn’t find Baby, so I went outside to look. I heard something on the porch roof and looked up. Baby had climbed the tree and gotten stuck on the roof. In a vain attempt to get down, it had fallen in the gutter. I had to get a ladder and help it down.

This page has been edited for an update: Since Baby is no longer a baby, Dad named him Gilligan. He said we can’t keep calling him Baby when he’s grown. I always give cats such serious names, so he named it after Gilligan’s Island.

At two years old, he was run over while crossing the street. 2012 RIP. My sweet little Gilligan. I will always miss you.




J. J. was a stray that came to “Topaz’s House” and so we kept both of them when we moved. He has long thick jet black hair. J. J. has a snaggle tooth that hanges down over his lip.

His personality is one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen in a cat. He is so laid back and gentle. I don’t believe J. J. could hurt a flea. Once when Elizabeth was after his tail, he turned around and slapped her. That was the only time and she deserved it for biting his tail. J. J. loves to be petted and he just purrs and purrs.

One day, J.J. simply got tired of living with us and left. Either that, or someone saw how beautiful he was a took him. The neighbors have reported sightings of him. He just chooses not to live at our house anymore. I choose to believe that he found his way home to his first owner.




Millie was a neighborhood stray. She looks so much like my Annabelle Lee, sometimes I wonder if it could be one of her kittens. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was hungry. So I put her out some food and found her to be quite tame.

Not long after taking up residence on our porch, she brought over three kittens. It didn’t take long for two of them to vanish (I suspect the neighbors have taken them). Now she has one kitten left, it is solid gray and looks identical to Annebelle Lee. Millie hides her baby kitten under the gardenia bush. They love to roll and play in the daylily garden, lurking under the large leaves.




Patches was a stray cat who lived at my aunt’s house. When I was a little girl I would go over there on Sundays, and soon he became my cat. Patches wasn’t my first cat; but he was the first one I ever really became friends with.

Patches was a unusual cat. He liked to eat anything I ate, and he would follow me around like a puppy dog. One day he brought another stray cat over, and soon we had lots of baby Patches running around the carport. Unlike most father cats, he took really good care of his kittens. He loved to go around the neighborhood and roam. One day, he just went off and never returned. But that’s okay, because he lived very long for a stray cat.




I got Sapphire when I was two years old. As of the time this was written (2005), she is 14 years old in human years. She is not the oldest of our cats. Topaz is older. Sapphire has white feet and white on her chest and nose. Her hair is short and black.

Her disposition is a little mean. Mom says she just likes to “assert her dominance”. Sapphire growls a lot and doesn’t like people. She doesn’t like to be petted a lot and would rather be left alone. She loves can cat food, and sleeps all the time.

She died in 2010, during her sleep at the age of 19. Sapphire lived a long life for a cat.



This is Sherlock, Call Me Cordelia’s very own cyberspace cat. He lives on our website, and plays across our pages. We adopted him from Madame Alto. Be sure and scratch his ears before you leave!




In 2012 my cat Ferby was sitting by the glass front door eating. On the other side of the glass, a very skinny one eyed cat looked inside. He was so sad watching Ferby eat. I took him some food and Chris named him Stuart.

The vet doesn’t know what happened to his eye; but he had surgery to remove a poylp from his ear. Now Stewie has gotten so chubby he’s going on a diet! He loves to sleep on the back of the sofa and give stewie kisses with his wet nose. He enjoys laying in a metal pan that I used to keep potted plants in. Stewie sleeps on my pillow every night and purrs.



Sunshine was a stray cat, I found living in my grandparents’ drain ditch. When it rained, the drain pipe would fill up with water and he’d have to sit on the hill in the rain. I called to him and he came. Nana says this proves he belonged to someone before. Now he has it made sleeping on my grandmother’s bed, no longer hiding from the elements.

Sunshine is a large fluffy yellow cat. He loves cat food, and is afraid of my little dog. The cat enjoys swinging under the maple tree. He follows my grandmother around when she walks the dog, and sleeps under my grandfather’s truck.

In 2013, Sunshine died of old age. He lived a long happy life for a cat.



Topaz is the oldest of all our cats. We think he is around the same age as me. We acquired him when we moved to “Topaz’s House”. (Topaz lived in the house all his life, and when we moved he became our cat.) Topaz has lovely yellow hair. His large eyes are so beautiful. I’ve never seen a cat with eyes like that before.

Topaz lives in the basement with me. As I write this, he is sitting on my lap purring. He is almost always sitting close by. Topaz loves to go outside and sit in the sun. Frances and Topaz fight every chance they get and are never allowed outside at the same time. One stays upstairs and the other lives downstairs. Topaz loves shredded can cat food and he is afraid of thunder storms. He always hides under my daybed.

1989-2007 Topaz got old and he could hardly breathe. Since I knew he was in pain, the cat was put to sleep. I will miss him always.



In 2007, one day a sick and starving cat showed up on our back porch to get out of the rain. I’ve never seen such a scrawny little thing with such pitiful eyes. I had to feed him. At first he was afraid; but I keep the warm milk coming. I believe he was wild; but I began to pet him. He was so sick he couldn’t run even if he wanted to. I tamed him, and I often wonder if I was the only person he ever trusted.

Less than a year later, he was gone. Before church, he didn’t show up for his food, and soon after, I found him laying under the blue tarp (which we covered the lawnmower with). It looked as though something had killed him. He couldn’t have fought back, even if he had wanted to. At least, for a brief moment in his life, the old cat was loved.

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