At Call Me Cordelia, we love for our visitors to be a part of our site! There are many ways you can contribute and join our family of guest bloggers.

Guidelines for Submissions

Any ideas must relate directly to the content of our site. I don’t mind featuring your prouduct or photos as long as it is related to the rest of our site.

I will not use anything that I feel is spam. Do not just submit links to your site.

Any content that you contribute will be credited to you, including a link to your website, on the page where your contribution is used.

All contributions must be family friendly. We will not accept anything that isn’t appropriate.

Ideas for Contributing

  • Write a guest blog post
  • Submit photos
  • Create a DIY project
  • Submit an idea for a new web page
  • Create a free download. This could be desktop wallpaper, icons, blog banners, ect
  • Vintage Fashion Tips
  • Heirloom Recipe

Submit Your Idea

You can submit your contribution by contacting me using the form located here or email me: shannon at callmecordelia dot net.

Most submissions are used. However, if we can’t use your content, I will email you back so you can submit your ideas to another site.