L. M. Montgomery Vocabulary

L. M. Montgomery Vocabulary

For those of you that are new to the L. M. Montgomery books, I’ve made a list of commonly used words. When I first started reading her books I had no idea what these words meant and was rather confused. Anyway, I hope you will find this list to be helpful. 🙂

Abegweit: Prince Edward Island

Bosom Friend: best friend

Cavendish: the town L. M. Montgomery was born in

Consumptive: tending to destroy or waste away; affected with or pertaining to pulmonary tuberculosis

Dryad: a wood nymph

Fortnight: two weeks

Gable: where the roof and top of the wall meet in a triangular shape

Gooseberry: “a chaperon or someone who interferes with young lovers” (source: The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album)

Jonah Day: when everything goes wrong in a particular day

Kindred Spirit: a like or similar friends

Providence: referring to Heaven or God

Queer: strange

Race that knows Joseph: similar to a Kindred Spirit

Vexed: irritate or annoy

Wee Sma’s: early in the morning

White Night: a night when you woke up in the wee sma’s and can’t sleep

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