Road To Avonlea Quotes

Road to Avonlea Quotes

Road to Avonlea Quotes

Watching my favorite episode of Road to Avonlea inspired me to create this page of Road to Avonlea Quotes. These quotes are better than kissin’ my dog!

“When your heart skips a beat, it’s not love, it’s indigestion.” -Rachel Lynde

“Providence moves in mysterious ways.” -Clara Potts

“Life is a quest.” -Clive Pettibone

“You don’t talk to Mrs. Lynde, you listen.” -Felicity King

“Don’t believe everything you see and only half of what you hear.” -Sara Stanley

“We’ve got more spinsters here, than a cat’s got whiskers.” -Rachel Lynde

“You can always size a person up by the kind of dog she keeps.” -Peg Bowen

“If there’s one thing you can be sure of in this life it’s that when you do wrong someone, sometime, somewhere, will find out.” -Marilla Cuthbert

“Old Grandpa King used to say, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. So that’s what we have to do. Make lemonade.” -Olivia Dale

“The devil’s in most people, not in me mind you, but most.” -Hetty King

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” -Olivia Dale

“Idle hands make for idle wit.” -Hetty King

“Everyone needs a little romance in their life.” -Janet King

“Idle tongues make idle gossip.” -Hetty King

“Least said soonest mended.” -Hetty King

“Bad behavior must be nipped in the bud, nipped in the bud.” -Felicity King

“You’re only young once and old forever.” -Eliza Ward

“Old people like looking at old pictures.” -Cecily King

“Mrs. Potts would give advice to a tree if it’d listen.” -Felicity King

“There goes Hetty King; regular like clock work and twice as reliable.” -anonymous

“If more adults were deaf, there would be more honesty in children.”-Felix King

“Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.” -Hetty King

“The only certain thing in this life is that you’re going to leave it.” -Eliza Ward

“You can’t listen to what everyone says.” -Jasper Dale

“All right Felix here’s a tip, don’t brush your teeth with a brick.” -Felicity King

“Red shouldn’t appear on anything but the devil, thats what.” -Rachel Lynde

After reading all that, I think Hetty King says it best:
“I hope that’s addled your brains in the direction of common sense.”

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