Shannon Freeman

Hi, my name is Shannon but you can call me Mrs Peas (short for Sweet Pea).  My beloved husband also goes by the nick name of Mr. Peas. I know it’s disappointing to learn I am a real person and not the romantic Lady Cordelia that lives in a castle and wears puffed sleeves.  Don’t be too disappointed because I actually have a stash of ball gowns with puffed sleeves in case you felt like wearing them for afternoon tea. And by the way, if you tell anyone, I will deny it. Shannon

My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, hence the name of my website. I love cats. If it wasn’t for Mr. Peas, I would be the crazy cat lady with twenty cats. I majored in floral design. I am a Christian and very grateful for everything my Heavenly Father has done for me. My favorite things include: gardening, reading, old houses, rainy days, and porch swings. I am allergic to dust mites and have scoliosis. In my spare time, I collect things like tea cups, antique furniture, and very elegant hats. I live in a historic craftsman house which I am busy restoring to its original loveliness.

My grandmother, Betty, has always inspired me with her love of collecting everything from linens and china to vases and vintage clothing. Our friends love the ambiance of these treasures. So one day, I opened my shop Call Me Cordelia to share all of our beautiful finds with you.

Me and My Grandmother

This website is dedicated to my Nana. I love you.