You Know You’re Obsessed with Anne When…

Obsessed with Anne of Green GablesYou know you're obsessed with Anne of Green Gables when...

I’ve been an Anne of Green Gables fan since I was a child. In fact, you might say I’m obsessed with everything Anne. If you fit any of the descriptions below than you might be obsessed too!

  1. You constantly say, “Would you please call me Cordelia?”
  2. You call noisy gossips Rachel Lynde.
  3. You have memorized The Lady of Shallot.
  4. You try and wear your hair up like a “Gibson Girl.”
  5. You name things.
  6. You search for Kindred Spirits.
  7. If you want red hair, green eyes, or freckles.
  8. When someone makes you mad, you wish you had a slate!
  9. You look for “scope for the imagination” in everything.
  10. If you have ever talked to yourself in the mirror (Katie Maurice.)
  11. You secretly name people after which Anne character they remind you of.
  12. Your Anne book has been read so many times it is falling apart.
  13. If you have red hair and die it black; or if you die your hair and it turns green.
  14. If everything makes you think of Anne.
  15. You love puffed sleeves.
  16. If you can recite the lines before the actors do.
  17. You have lots of Anne pictures.
  18. If you are an “Anne-fan-with-an-e”.
  19. If you have a White Way of Delight, Violet Veil, or Lake of Shinning Waters.
  20. You name and talk to your houseplants.
  21. Your imagination has ever gotten you in to trouble.
  22. You have a recipe for Raspberry Cordial and Plum Puffs.
  23. You always make sure you have cordial instead of wine! Lol!
  24. If you chase jersey cows named Dolly.
  25. You want a cow just to name Dolly.
  26. Your best friend is a “Bosom Friend.”
  27. You have seen the movie more than a dozen times.
  28. Your imagination has ever interfered with your cooking.
  29. You believe in fairies.
  30. You often quote Anne to yourself.
  31. You make an obsessed list.
  32. You are guilty of being more than obsessed. Is there a word? Lol!

Sent in by: Gurlygurl114

33.You laugh every time someone pronounces sorry “soorrey” like Gil does.

If you have anything to add; email your suggestion to me, and I’ll add it to the list and give you credit. Or leave me a comment and tell me how you’re obsessed with Anne!

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